Scanning, Sidesteps and Swerves: A video analysis of Antoine Dupont’s wonder try vs Bordeaux

Here’s a new video breaking down the try of the weekend from Toulouse’s Antoine Dupont. This video is my first with a voice over – which is taking a bit of getting used to(!) – but hopefully it makes the video easier to follow. Any feedback or comments are welcome and I hope you enjoy …

Video Analysis: Using kickoffs to create try-scoring chances

Here’s a new video looking at a fantastic Cardiff try against Scarlets last weekend in the PRO14. This video looks at a run of play from both team’s perspectives; Cardiff’s efforts to manipulate Scarlets into giving them a try-scoring opportunity off kickoff, and how Scarlets coped with that. My voice wasn’t up to recording today …

Direct Rugby as a Decoy: A look at Munster’s clever try against Clermont

Here’s a new video taking a closer look at a cleverly designed try from Munster last night. Historically, Munster have built a reputation as being a team that bases their attack on the driving maul and strong direct carries in the centres. This breakdown looks at how Munster subverted those expectations to catch out the …

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